5 Quick Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Kids Safe Online: Part One

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With busy schedules, single and divorced parents need all the help they can when caring for their children.  The internet can be a wonderful, potentially dangerous destination for your children to wander. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your children safe online:

Remain Positively Engaged

Pay attention to and know the online environments your children use. Surf the Internet with them. Have them show you their favorite sites and activities online.

Know the Protection Features of Websites and Software

All major Internet service providers provide tools to help you manage young children’s online experience (e.g., selecting approved websites, monitoring the amount of time they spend online, or limiting the people who can contact them).

Review Rrivacy Settings

canstockphoto1874100Learn the privacy settings available by your provider social networking sites, cell p hones, and other social tools your children use. Decide together which settings provide the appropriate amount of protection for each child

Stay Current

The online world is constantly evolving. New safety services continually emerge. Knowing about them and how to use them can help you better understand the digital life your children experience as well as any concerns you may have for your children.

Know Their Limits

Not all online services are meant for kids. Even some of the most popular social networking services and other sites are meant only for use by people 13 and older. There are many sites designed specifically for younger children that provide a safe, age-appropriate environment. To learn more about the resources Missouri has available, visit https://www.mo.gov/safety/internet-safety/. Part Two

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