Best Des Peres Missouri Family Law Attorney & Certified Divorce Lawyer

Best Des Peres, Missouri Family Law Attorney & Certified Divorce Lawyer

We know our neighbors in Des Peres, Missouri work hard to play a big role in the lives of their family. It’s our privilege to help them navigate the legal system and preserve their relationships with their family members.

We understand facing legal issues without the support of someone you can depend on can be daunting, to say the least. We are truly honored that our clients in Des Peres entrust us with the privilege of providing them with legal counsel.

Serving Families In and Around Des Peres for Over Two Decades

Choosing a family law attorney is an incredibly important decision.

With over two decades of service in family law, we have a wealth of experience helping our friends and neighbors in Des Peres through extremely challenging legal and personal situations.

Family law can be tremendously dynamic and complex. This is why we believe it is critically important to choose an attorney with a strong background in family law.

Our clients in Des Peres can rest easy knowing they are working with a team that possesses a tremendous amount of skills and experience in nearly every facet of family law.

There When You Need Us

Our neighbors in Des Peres have a lot on their plate. Balancing work and family does not leave much time for meeting with an attorney.

Because we know our clients lead busy lives, we are more than willing to schedule meetings on nights and weekends.

How a Leading Family Law Firm Can Help

The Law Office of Kathleen E. Shaul is one of the leading family law firms with vast experience in the field of family law that allows handling nearly any legal challenge a family may encounter.

  • Divorce

    Deciding to end a marriage is never an easy decision. The decision becomes even more complicated if a couple has children. Our best divorce attorneys in St. Louis can provide our clients with the support and guidance they need as they work to close this chapter of their life.

  • Adoption and Guardianship

    Family dynamics can be complicated at the best of times. The situation becomes even more challenging when an aunt, uncle or grandparent becomes the child’s legal guardian. Our adoption attorneys will be there to assist you as you complete the adoption or guardianship process.

  • Custody

    As we mentioned, divorces involving children can be incredibly difficult. One of the most complicated aspects can be arriving at a custody agreement.
    Our St. Louis Missouri custody attorneys will draw upon two decades of experience to help develop a custody agreement that benefits both parents and children.

  • Father’s Rights

    All too often we hear stories of fathers who feel as if the importance of their relationship with their children is not valued as much as the relationship between the children and their mother. Children should have a strong relationship with both their mother and father. We will draw upon our experienced paternity attorneys to ensure your rights as a father are treated with the respect you and your children deserve.

  • Grandparents Rights

    Not only can divorces be stressful for children, but grandparents can also suffer as the result of a divorce. After a divorce, grandparents may find themselves feeling as if they have been ripped out of their grandchildren’s lives.
    Grandparents do have the legal right to play an active role in the life of their grandchild. We are aware of the challenges faced by Des Peres grandparents who find themselves losing touch with their grandchildren due to divorce.

Our team of lawyers for grandparent’s rights has the experience and skills to ensure grandparents are able to be there as their grandchildren grow up.