Family Law Attorneys in Swansea Illinois

Family Law Attorney in Swansea Illinois

Swansea, Illinois is a warm, inviting community and a wonderful place to raise a family. At the Law Offices of Kathleen E. Shaul, we understand the importance family plays in the lives of our friends and neighbors in Swansea, Illinois.

The leading St. Louis family law firm has decades of experience practicing family law. Our lawyers’ vast experience in family law means you can rest easy knowing you have a partner who has the skills and experience to create the best outcome for you and your family.

Our family law attorneys in Swansea can provide you with the support you need to face nearly every family law matter with confidence. Family law is all we do, and it’s what we’re passionate about.

Adoptions and Guardianship

Kathleen E Shaul has been practicing adoption and guardianship cases for more than 17 years. Whether you’re a grandparent trying to gain custody of your grandchildren because the child’s parents aren’t raising them properly, or a stepparent wanting to make your role in your step children’s lives official in the eyes of the court, or you suddenly find yourself having to raise a family member, Kathleen E Shaul adoption and guardianship attorney will be there to guide you through the adoption process.

Divorce Attorneys

Divorces can be incredibly emotionally charged and demanding. A bond you thought would withstand the test of time is now being broken, and your family is forever changed. We understand the challenges facing spouses going through a divorce. You can count on our St Louis Missouri divorce attorneys to be there when you need us.

Child Support and Custody

Divorces become even more challenging when children are involved. We know how important it is for children to have parents who play an active role in their life. Our St. Louis Missouri custody attorneys will fight to ensure your child’s best interests are protected.

Swansea Paternity Attorneys

In Missouri, a paternity test can establish a legal father-child relationship. Paternity attorneys of Kathleen Shaul firm have experience working with both fathers and mothers to establish their role in their child’s life.

Fathers have an obligation to support their children emotionally, physically, and financially. They also have the right to an active role as a father. Unfortunately, fathers often feel the court overlooks the rights. Fathers in and around Swansea have been turning to Law Offices of Kathleen Shaul to preserve their father’s rights.

Swansea’s Child Support Attorneys

Raising a child properly in today’s world takes a significant financial investment from parents. We understand after divorce the primary concern of most parents is ensuring their children are properly supported. If you and your spouse are divorcing and children are involved, you need a skilled and understanding child support attorney to protect your children’s best interests.

Supporting the Rights of Grandparents in Swansea

Not only does divorce change the lives of parents and children, oftentimes grandparents find themselves removed from their grandchildren. Family disputes, health issues addiction are just a few of the reasons why grandparents are often separated from their grandchildren. Whatever the situation, our lawyers for grandparent’s rights are here to help grandparents in Swansea, Illinois establish a healthy relationship with their grandchildren.