Lake St. Louis Family Law Attorney

st louis family law attorney

Whether you want to spend the day on the lake or do some shopping at the Meadows, Lake St. Louis is a great place to start and raise a family and find the right Lake St Louis Family Law Attorneys.

We know our neighbors in Lake St. Louis value playing an active role in their family above all else.

We Are Lake St. Louis’ Family Law Attorney

Our team has over 20 years of experience in family law. You can count on us to provide excellent guidance and counsel no matter what family law challenge you are facing.


A divorce or dissolution of marriage can be one of the most difficult journeys you will ever undertake.

Pre-divorce Consultation

We believe you should make every effort to save your marriage. During a predivorce consultation, we will examine your situation and prepare you for the legal issues you may encounter.

Filing for Divorce

If your marriage cannot be saved, and divorce is the best option, Kathleen E Shaul has over 20 years of experience in divorce law. She will put her skills to work to ensure your rights are protected.

Child Support

The most trying divorces are often the ones in which the spouses have children.

Families in Lake St. Louis know it is expensive to raise a child in today’s world.

The formula for determining child support is complex and depends upon a variety of factors.

Our skilled team will ensure you and your child receive fair compensation.

We can also represent you if you need to fight for child support previously owed to you.

Lake St. Louis’ Paternity Attorneys

Whether you are a mother seeking to establish paternity or a father looking to protect your right to be a part of your child’s life, Kathleen Shaul will work with you to guarantee your rights as a parent, and your child’s rights are protected.

There many avenues that can be taken to establish paternity. We will help you explore each Avenue and decide on the best course of action for your family’s needs.

Adoption of Guardianship

Establishing your rights as a parent or guardian can be both exciting and overwhelming.

An uncle or aunt adopting a younger relative, a grandparent caring for their grandchild, or a spouse officially becoming a child’s parent, no matter the situation, we will be there to help.

The Shaul Law team has over 17 years of experience in matters of adoption and guardianship.

We would be honored to help you establish complete legal rights as a parent.