St. Louis Modification Attorney

For Modifications of Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

Once the issues of child support, custody, and visitation have been resolved, either by the court or by the agreement of the parents, specific procedures must be followed to change the arrangement.  If the parents reached the agreement through mediation, they may have to go back to mediation to make any modifications.  If support and custody were established by a court order, the parents must typically petition the court to make modifications by filing a Motion to Modify.

Substantial Change in Circumstances

To support a request for a change to a support, custody, or visitation arrangement, the parent seeking the modification must show a substantial change in circumstances.  Some courts will only consider a request for modification within a certain number of years after the original decree, but courts will almost always consider a request for modification if there is a showing that the child is endangered by the current custody arrangement.

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