Frontenac Family Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

Frontenac is a wonderful place to raise a family. From shopping and enjoying a meal at Plaza Frontenac to spending the day on Grant’s Trail, there are activities for everyone in your family to enjoy.

An Attorney Frontenac Families Can Depend On

Our neighbors and Frontenac work hard and cherish their time with their families. If your role in your family has been altered or destroyed due to legal issues, the Shaul family law team would be proud to help you restore your place in your family. We specialize exclusively in family law. Frontenac families know they can depend on our team to preserve and protect their rights.

Defending Grandparents’s Rights

Unfortunately, there are many reasons grandparents can find themselves torn out of their grandchildren’s lives: divorce, family disagreements, and the death of a loved one. These events can be heartbreaking. You shouldn’t have to suffer from losing your grandchildren as well. Under Missouri law, grandparents have the right to intervene in divorces as well as to secure visitation rights if it is in the best interest of the child.

Don’t fight for your grandchildren alone. The Shaul Law team is here to help you secure your place in your grandchild’s life.

Frontenac’s Best Divorce Attorneys

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally charged and challenging chapters in your life. Divorces can be incredibly damaging to your legal, financial, and emotional well-being. The decision to end the marriage is tremendously difficult. There are many avenues that must be explored before a reasonable decision can be reached.

If divorce is the best option our goal is to dissolve the marriage as amicably as possible.
A predivorce consultation is the best way to explore these decisions and acclimate yourself to the challenges divorce could bring.

Kathleen E. Shaul has over two decades of experience guiding spouses through the divorce process.
If a divorce is the best option, her experience will be invaluable for you to start the next chapter of your life on a solid foundation.

Custody Agreements

When children are involved, divorces can become exponentially more challenging. Emotions run high, and your relationship with your children could be forever changed. It is in the best interest of everyone involved for parents to reach a custody agreement without the need for a court order. However, if an agreement cannot be reached we will provide you with legal counsel and fight for your rights in the courtroom.

There are several factors to be considered in a custody agreement: sole custody, joint custody, legal guardianship, and many more. We understand how important your roll in your child’s life is. Our skilled family law team will walk with you on your journey and ensure you arrive at a custody agreement that supports the best interest of your relationship with your child.

Helping Our Neighbors in Frontenac Establish Guardianship

Adoption is crucial for establishing legal rights and responsibilities including financial support and inheritance. Grandparents adopting a grandchild, stepparents becoming an official legal guardian., Or family members caring for a young child, every adoption case is unique. We understand every adoption story presents its own challenges. What ever your adoption story, we will give you the support and guidance you need.