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Happy Family in the park of Chesterfied, Missouri

It’s our honor to help our friends and neighbors in Chesterfield, Missouri with all of their family law needs. Our clients come to us during some of the most difficult times of their life.

Whether you’re spending the day with your children at the Butterfly House or taking a family outing to Faust Park, a family is the most important thing in the lives of our clients. It is our privilege to ensure our clients continue to play a strong role in their family.

Helping Families In Chesterfield, Missouri For Over 20 Years

We know family law issues can be confusing, overwhelming, and nerve-racking. When you choose the best family law attorney in St. Louis, you are putting the well-being of your family in their hands. Kathleen E. Shaul has been guiding families through legal challenges for over 20 years.

Missouri is the show me state. With more than 20 years of experience fighting for families in the courtroom, we have a track record of success you can trust.

Here When You Need Us

Chesterfield, Missouri families lead busy lives. By the time you go to work and take care of your family, it can seem like you just don’t have the time to meet with your lawyer.

The Law Offices of Kathleen E. Shaul offers evening and weekend appointments because we believe meeting with your attorney should not mean putting the rest of your life on hold.


Taking the journey to end a marriage is trying to say the least. The process becomes even more difficult legally and emotionally when there are children involved.

Our team has decades of experience helping clients navigate the divorce process in St. Louis. We can help you make the tough decisions and get the best outcomes while minimizing the burden on your children.

Adoption and Guardianship

Having to raise your grandchild, niece or nephew is hard enough. When you add in trying to make your way through the legal system to make the adoption or guardianship official, it can feel like you’re constantly taking two steps forward and one step backward.

Whether it’s an inter-family adoption, grandparent adoption, stepparent adoption, or a matter of guardianship, Kathleen Shaul has more than 17 years of experience practicing adoption and guardianship cases. No matter how complicated your family dynamics, we will be able to help you get guardianship and start building the best life for your new family.


When a couple divorces the custody of the children is always a primary concern. No matter the damage done in a marriage between a husband and wife, your children deserve to have both of their parents in their life.

We will help you reach the custody agreement that is best for both you and your children.

Fathers’ Rights

Many fathers feel their need to be a part of their child’s life is sometimes treated as less important than the relationship between the child and the mother.

If you feel your role in your child’s life has been overlooked, let our experienced attorneys defend your rights as a father.

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents often suffer as their children and grandchildren go through a divorce. Too many times, grandparents are an intricate part of their grandchildren’s lives, then divorce hits and they have ripped away from their grandchildren.

Schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer for grandparent’s rights because they have a legal right to have visitation with their grandchildren.