University City Family Law Experts: Defend Your Rights

From the Delmar Loop to Tillis Park, University City is a wonderful place to build and raise a family.

We know how important family is to our friends and neighbors in University City. The Law Offices of Kathleen E. Shaul has over two decades of experience practicing nearly every facet of family law. We want our neighbors in University City to know the Shaul Law team is a partner they can depend on when family law issues arise.

When it comes to family law, we put our expertise to work defending and preserving your family’s well-being and happiness.

University Family Law Experts

Supporting You through the Entire Divorce Process

Few decisions in life are more difficult than deciding to end a marriage. Not only is it a growing decision to make, but there are also many life-changing repercussions that need to be taken into account before a wise decision can be made.

Before filing for divorce it’s a good idea to have a meeting with University city’s best divorce lawyers. We’ll be there to help you decide if a divorce is truly the right decision. We will also help you develop a plan to make it through the divorce process as successfully as possible.

If divorce truly is the best option, you can feel comfortable knowing your rights are protected by a skilled team with decades of experience.

Child Support

Oftentimes, the most challenging divorces involve children. Parents in University City understand raising a child can be financially demanding. You can count on our child support attorney to make sure your child’s best financial interests are taken into account during the divorce and child support hearings.

Grandparent’s Rights

Divorce isn’t just a challenge for the spouses involved, it can be very hard for grandparents as well. Too often, grandparents find they are ripped from their grandchildren’s lives as a result of a divorce.

Under Missouri law grandparents have the right to visitation as long as the courts rule it is in the best interest of the child.

Being there as your son or daughter’s marriage ends is difficult enough. Don’t let a divorce keep you from your grandchildren.

Our lawyers for grandparent’s rights will put our experience to work ensuring you are able to plan active will in the lives of your grandchildren.

Adoptions and Guardianship

Being able to be the legal guardian for an important child in your life is incredibly rewarding whether you are a grandparent taking custody, an aunt or uncle raising a niece or nephew, or a stepparent officially becoming a guardian.

Kathleen Shaul’s adoption attorney has been helping families navigate adoption and guardianship cases for over 17 years.

Stepparents, grandparents, and aunts or uncles can count on our team to help you finalize an adoption or establish guardianship.

Father’s Rights

Fathers should have the right to be there for their children physically, financially, and emotionally. Too often, fathers feel they are unfairly represented in the eyes of the court when it comes to their children.

At Shaul Law, we understand the vital role University City fathers play in the lives of their children. Our experienced paternity attorneys are here to help fathers protect and defend their rights.